T2C Bluetooth 5.0 HD Waterproof Headphones

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STEREO SOUND QUALITY: 5.0 HD technology, built-in high-quality noise reduction technology chip, can block a lot of surrounding noise during sports, running, jogging and so on.

AUTOMATIC PAIRING: After one-time setting, pick up the headset to automatically connect to the Bluetooth pairing, automatically disconnect the Bluetooth connection, charge when entering the warehouse, unlock the fingerprint, and a headset can be connected to the mobile phone to work within 10 meters.

COMPATIBILITY: Wireless earbuds are ideal. The headphones are small in size and sealed. Bilateral HD stereo, children can learn music language and release stress during exercise.

SUPER STANDBY: Powerful battery life and low power consumption, using RTL low-power technology to extend power consumption and 450 hours of standby time.

REAL WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: No problem with wired tangles, built-in 5.0, fast speed, stable connection and waterproof. You can use the earbuds to achieve volume, play the next/previous song, answer/reject calls.

  • An easy to carry, fashionable and durable charging case is included. Simply place your earbuds in the case and they will begin to charge.
  • Call or answer phones with the built-in microphone and a simple one button controller.
  • Under stereo mode, Left earbud will be main headset for call talking / hearing, Right earbud will be mute.
  • Comes with 3 different size earbud tips for a comfortable listening experience and ensure your headphones always stay in place.

How To Pair:

  1. Hold down left and right mini earbuds together until two indicators light flash red and blue alternately .(Only when they flash red and blue, does mean earbuds go into pairing mode).
  2. Wait for another 5 to 10s,one indicator light will stop flash red and blue while another one still flashes red and blue alternately.(It means earbuds pairs with each other successfully.)
  3. Search "T2C" and pair it on your phone.



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