Gas Leak Detector Sensor

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This Smart Combustible Gas Sensor adopts super low power consumption (868MHz) wireless networking technology. It is used for detecting combustible gas leakage and preventing harm caused by gas leakage. It also can be used as repeater to extend wireless communication distance. It adopts high stability semi conductor gas sensor, with high stability, little sensitivity drift and may other features. Sensor alarms while gas density in air exceed alarm level. It is applicable for kitchen or possible gas leakage in door areas.It can be networked with other products.

This smart Combustible Gas Sensor cannot be used alone, it must be connected to the gateway
Has a more sensitive sense of smell than"search and rescue dogs
Can detect various combustible gases

Replaceable plug, suitable for users from different countries

Equipment work light description

Product advantages
1. High reliability semiconductor sensor
2. Using powerful microprocessor control
3. Low power consumption Z-wave wireless networking technology
4. Connect to the gateway and remotely notify the Mobile phone through the gateway
5. 75db alarm sound
6. Made by SMT process, strong stability
7. easy to install, easy to network
8.Working Voltage: AC110-240V,Wide voltage operation, adapt to most countries
9. It can be networked with other Zwave products.
1.Working Voltage: AC100V~240V
2.Average Power Consumption: <1. 5W
3.Alarm Sound: 75db(Distance: 1m)
4.Alarm Density: 6%LEL±3%LEL(natural gas) 
5.Networking: Z-wave(868MHz) Ad-hoc Networking
6.Wireless Networking Distance: ≥70m(in open area)
7.Working Environment: -10 C~+50 C
8.Environment Humidity: Max. 95% RH
9.Dimension: 79*68*31mm
Installation Effect
For liquefied petroleum gas, sensor should be installed at 0.3-1m height from floor and semi-diameter of sensor installation pos ition to gas source should be less than 1. 5m. For natural gas manufactured gas, marsh gas, etc, sensor should be installed at 0.3-1m below from ceiling, semi-diameter to gas sourceless than 1.5m (Shown as below)

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